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Crank Up Your 3 Pack to get the ultimate High River experience. Stock up on your favorite flavors or share them with your friends. Either way you are getting a great deal and some amazing hot sauce. Bottles Up!!!

Comes with a custom 3 Pack Box. 

Pick your Hot Sauces.

Shipping: Fixed rate: $8.00
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Long time fan boy!

Always as expected = FANTASTIC. Heat with flavor. Not a bunch of vinegar with a Scoville score. You can actually tell what went into the ingredient list and why the recipes make sense. The guy wrote a very cool cook book called Moshed Potatoes in the rock n roll / metal scene theme with many great stories and celebrity added content.
Posted by Marc, Jul 19th 2023

Consistently excellent!

High River Sauces have the best hot sauces around. Excellent taste and quality and awesome packaging.
Posted by Patrick J Love, Jun 17th 2023