Crank Up Your 6 Pack to get the ultimate High River experience. Stock up on your favorite flavors or share them with your friends. Either way you are getting a great deal and some amazing hot sauce. Bottles Up!!!


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Best Sauce Around

Thunderjuice is the best sauce on the market! Every person I have introduced to it has become a lasting customer. Crazy heat is balanced with great flavor. Try it on your pizza, or add it to chili to give it a great kick!
Posted by Kelby, Apr 17th 2024

Tears of the Sun

Tears of the Sun is the perfect hot sauce if you like hot but not nuclear. Perfect on eggs, in a bowl of chili or in a spicy Bloody Mary. I bought an entire 6 pack of it as I use it all the time - just wish they sold it in larger bottles!
Posted by Tim, Nov 29th 2023