The Thunder Juice is a mushroom cloud of flavor & heat.

Tequila infused peppers rounded out with blueberries & peaches makes this full bodied sauces a walk on the wild side.

The fiery blast of chocolate ghost & reaper peppers will leave your mouth watering for more. Explosively hot & addictive.

gluten free icon vegan icon

heat meter - 10

Size: 5 fl. oz.
Order a case of 12 Bottles.: $60 /case
Bulk Pricing: From 12 to 0 -- Discount per item ($5.00)
Shipping: Fixed rate: $3.75


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Wow! This a super tasty, absolutely heat bearing wonderful sauce!! A little is so good, but a little more is so much better!! Definitely for the lovers of hot and tasty!! The flavor hits you and bears just the right amount of heat, bringing everything into pure Love it Now and Always recognition!! What an Experience!!!
Posted by Roger, Oct 9th 2021