High River Sauces captures the finest ingredients to bring you an exceptional balance of heat and flavor.

The unprincipled blend of the hottest peppers in the world, the unique flavor combinations of the Blood Oranges, Apples & Pears makes this sauce highly appreciated by extreme heat and flavor aficionados. Refreshing heat with a subtle hint of sweetness, Rogue captures all of those exotic blends that you've been craving in a gourmet hot sauce. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Blood Oranges, Apples, Pears, Ginger w/ Scorpion Peppers, Ghost Peppers & Serrano Peppers. 

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heat meter - 8

Size: 5 fl. oz.
Order a case of 12 Bottles.: $60 /case
Bulk Pricing: From 12 to 0 -- Discount per item ($5.00)
Shipping: Fixed rate: $4.00


5 out of 5 (based on 5 ratings)
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One of my top 5

Ordered a couple of six-packs of High River sauces, because I'm a long-time hot sauce lover and my local stores don't carry much variety. The Rogue is by far my favorite in this heat class. Tears of the Sun and Cheeba Gold are great as well, but the fruity heat of Rogue is a perfect pour-on for so many dishes. Literally one of the best, IMO, combinations of flavor and heat I have ever had.
Posted by Andy Norris, Mar 5th 2023

The perfect hot sauce

This is my go-to sauce for pretty much everything. It has a great flavor, not too hot, and I love the consistency of it. There's a bit of thickness so it doesn't gush out of the bottle and you can apply the perfect amount. This stuff is killer on wings - a little salt, pepper and Rogue before baking, and a touch more sauce after, and that's all you need.
Posted by Bonnie Archer, Dec 23rd 2022

One of the best

I go through a lot of hot sauce (I have a monthly subscription, and if I see one at a store I haven’t tried I’ll buy it immediately) and I can confidently say that High River Rogue is one of the best I’ve ever had. It has great flavor and respectable heat, and its sweet but complex flavor goes well on a wide variety of foods. Highly recommended.
Posted by Alex, Sep 4th 2021


At first I sold rogue short. I didn't like the consistency but loved the flavor. Something in me said "this isn't even hot" and I've regretted saying it ever since. This sauce is the real deal. Great flavor, solid heat, it's a sleeper. I keep going back to it whenever I want something with a punch. My first bottle lasted 2 weeks, my 2nd lasted days. I'm hooked.
Posted by DG, Mar 6th 2021

High River sauces Rogue Hot Sauce

Some of the best Hot sauce I've ever had. Great taste with a medium level of heat, keep in mind it has a sweeter initial taste to it if you're more thoughtful on your application. Honestly the only negative is that I'm going to need to buy more soon.
Posted by Evan Sebouhian, Dec 29th 2020