Crank Up Your Case to get the ultimate High River experience. Stock up on your favorite flavors or share them with your friends. Either way you are getting a great deal and some amazing hot sauce. Bottles Up!!!


Select 12 Hot Sauces in groups of 2.


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High River Sauces

Been a fan of rogue and tears of the sun for several years now. got introduced to them at Chiddys Cheesesteak in Farmigdale. The owner was a fan and so am I. Great on sausages, chicken, chili, etc. Also on eggs and egg sandwiches. I refill my stock every few months or so. Delicious stuff with a good kick.
Posted by Jim McAleer, May 31st 2024

Create a case

Great way to get all the hot sauce that you enjoy and at a great price!
Posted by Shawn Nienhueser, Nov 27th 2021


I've been a big fan of High River Sauces for years now. The create-a-case option is a great way to mix and match sauces to get your favorites and try new ones.
Posted by Dan F., Nov 8th 2021

love the sauces

love how the sauces range in flavors to please everyone. im very happy with thunder juice for its intense heat and flavor and foo foo machu for its sweet and tangy heat. amazing as a spread on sandwich
Posted by edwin perez, Jul 19th 2021

Create a case

Love the create a case option from High River sauces. It allows you to get 12 bottles of your favorite hot sauces bursting with flavor! You can't go wrong with this deal!
Posted by Shawn Nienhueser, Mar 26th 2021

Rogue makes breakfast worth eating

I buy Rogue by the case, and go through about a bottle a month. It kills on eggs and pasta. Just a word of caution: it seems much hotter out of the bottle than it does on food.
Posted by matt mcg, Apr 16th 2020